Dead man honored with smoky burnouts?

An Australian man was charged by authorities after he was seen doing smoky burnouts with his car to honor a dead friend.

Don't tread on me!

Darwin City police questioned the 35-year-old man after he was spotted laying rubber with his black Mercedes on Knuckey Street outside Mantra Pandanas around midnight, the Northern Territory News reports.

The unidentified man, who had just come from a friend’s funeral, claimed he was driving in such a manner because “that’s what Jeff would have done.”

He added, “We were honoring his (Jeff’s) life.”

Charges included driving in a disorderly manner and driving with a mid-range blood alcohol content after a breath test showed .141 percent.

New meaning for Laid to Rest.

Always watch out for Grandma!



“Burnout” photo by dodge challenger1


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